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Hello everyone, if there is "anyone" that missed me.
I've been away  for about 2 months now, mostly because of studies 
I'm mostly active on Instagram because it's easier for me to upload my art there, for some reason I cant use the DA app on my phone, which is my main source of everything art for me but I'll try to download it again and I'll try my best to be active on DA too. 
p.s here a link to my Instagram page for whoever might be interestedHeart…
I've tagged you and I'm just saying  I'm sorry in advance.
1. You have to post ALL the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't tag
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED 
8. You MUST make a journal entry! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you (which is draw me a picture for free!)
10. Be creative with the title. No "I got tagged" stuff.

13 Facts About Me:
1.) I've...never kept a cell phone for more than a year....I have no idea how they get destroyed so fast >_>
2.) I'm a little clumsy, like I would slip, stumble,fall or even walk into a wall 10 (just exaggerating it's more like 7/8 times)
3.) I'm afraid of cockroaches and moths, it's more like a phobia...I don't know if there is a name for it
4.) I'm a slowly converting introvert, I sort of enjoy talking to people now instead of being alone
5.) I love music, anything that makes me feel or speaks to me is good
6.) My art is like my heart, I cant live without itMeow :3 
7.) I'm a fresh EXO-L, it was basically monster that converted me... >_> and their hotness I have a crush on Kai shhhh
8.) i enjoy a good webtoon, any genre is fine but I prefer mostly rom-com
9.) My favourite youtuber is Ryan Higa (nigahiga) no matter how childish he might be :P
10.)I love to dance..and "feel the beat in the rhythm of the night"Singing  
11.)Prefer sneakers over heels, maybe it's because I'm taller than most of my friends...I'm 168 cm
12.) I don't really like extra sweet stuff they make me throw up, and I hate chocolate flavored stuff except chocolate itself
13.) I LOVE MY MOM!Heart 

Raven-Ironclaw's  questions to me:
1. Do you enjoy dancing, and if so, what kind of dancing? Ballroom? Disco? Swing? Waltz?
a. Ballroom? Disco? Swing? Waltz? I love them all

2. What was the most romantic moment of your life? (excluding sex).
a. hmmmm (gotta think long and hard for this one) I give up, I have yet to really experience that.

3. Are you, or were you ever, afraid of the dark?
a. I was...but that was like 16 hours ago

4. Have you ever had a near-death experience? If yes, what was it?
a.Nope never even though I'm so clumsy.

5. What is your guilty pleasure?
a. Ice-cream definitely.... ice-cream

6. Is there anyone in your life who probably hates your guts, but you still really like them and want to be their friend?
a.No? i don't think so at least

7. What was the weirdest dream you had?
a.I had a dream once that I was in minecraft coverting with Herobrine. And yes I play minecraft.

8. What time, on average, do you go to bed?
a. Well on school nights about 8pm and on weekends...9pm but 'I've been sleeping late these days

9. If I invited you to a Skype call with video, would you accept?
a.I'd probably gotta fix my hair and stuff I'd still reject, few have skype me with video, I'm not very confident...sadly

10. What are your top 3 favorite movies?
a.Stardust, Titanic and...Twilight(every time i hear Sia's "my love" I wanna watch it so I think it qualifies)

11. How old were you when you started drawing as a real hobby?
a.all my life but if i had to put an age...6/7 maybe

12. Is there some kind of artwork that you absolutely would refuse to do in a request/trade/commission?
a.I'd try to do everything

13. If you were to draw a woman based on the adjective "Divine", what would she look like? Describe her in dress, hair, eyes, posture, and accessories.
 hmmm "divine woman" ok so:

She's be in a long dress of pure white made of silk to shine in her glory, curly dark brownish black to signify her depth and strength, she would have brown eyes kind of like hazel but with a fire that burns of gentleness and love. Her head slightly tilted to the left and slanted back with a peaceful expression, her arms would be around herself embracing her divinity, accepting herself rather thank longing for the acceptance of others, this woman, she is, "DIVINE".....
SORRY!! I got a little carried away :happybounce: 

My questions to the tagged
1.) Who is your favourite singer/band?
2.) If you had to chose between a dog or cat for a pet what would it be and why?
3.) Have you ever had a really embarrassing experience in public? If yes what was it?
4.)what would you say is your strongest point in drawing(what you're good at) and your weakest(what you're bad at)?
5.)Who would you say is your favourite artist and why?
6.)Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? If yes what was it about?
7.)What do you enjoy most about drawing?
8.)What is the weirdest animal you've ever seen?
9.)What is your longest relationship with an online friend you've never met before?
10.)what is your favourite movie?
11.)What is your favourite genre of music?
12,)If you had to choose between ice-cream and cake what would it be?
13.)If you had to describe your favourite DA artist how would you do it without stating their username/real name?

:iconjonhyt: :iconanimekid37: :iconcryptoartist: :iconthatloserkat: :iconktbug18: :iconashaki11: :iconkuroinsanity: :iconlhua101: :iconbeyblade-princess: :iconsonmaru: :icontokoru-chan: :iconsmolsalty: :iconari-heart-matsuri:
I've been away for Idk a year maybe but I'm back life got in the way but I think I improved a little during that time so...yea I'm gonna be active again
Does anyone know of a good TRUSTED website that I can order art supplies from that does international shipping. Its hard to find the things I need in this place and I want to venture out to new types of art style, eg painting but I'll need some good brushes and the lot. So can someone please help?
I've been uploading a bunch of OC drawings but I've never even took the time to give a decent personality description or even back story so today I'll be clearing things up.

p.s: Please disregard everything that I said about them when i first created them.

The story Begins here!! Heart bum 

Arcana, Claire, Vixis and Guilla are normal girls, some older than some. They each have different backgrounds and personalities but are good friends due to them working together in a small Cake shop owned by Arcana's mother who died after she finished high school. The cake shop is found under Arcana's house so she practically lives there. The three girls, came to work at the shop because of Arcana's horrible baking skills which was making the shop lose all of it's customer after the death of her parents.

Arcana and Claire:

One day Claire, "the rich girl", decided to walk home from school, but because she usually had a chauffeur she had no idea where she was going. She decided to ask for directions, but was too afraid to do so, so she ended up going into the cake shop where Arcana lived. There she met a beautiful woman who offered her something to eat and drink because she seemed tired. She ate the cake and loved it. Then a girl about her age appeared from the kitchen and asked her to taste the cupcakes she just baked. Claire agreed and ate the cupcake but it was terrible, but she never told Arcana that it was she just smiled and said it tasted great, after that she asked for the direction to her home (community). Ever since that day she would visit the cake shop to eat Arcana mother's cakes and after hearing about her passing she decided to help out in the shop, fearing the reputation to drop lower that it already was, even though she couldn't bake either. After that the two became best friends struggling to keep  a small cake shop running. Heart Love 
  • Listening to: Dollhouse
  • Reading: Ao Haru no Ride (presently)
  • Watching: Fairytail 2014 ^_^
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Icecream >_
  • Drinking: Milkshakes


Misticbeauty's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm and 19 year old who's usually called a big nerd because i like reading, RP, gaming, manga, anime, webtoons...EXO
oh wait that doesnt make me a nerd...
but i love me anyway

check out my Insta below


Love doesn't Descriminate
"But why is she blue tho?" Does it matter if she were black,white,yellow or even green?
Love doesn't descriminate❤
Positive message
How do you choose and focus on one when u have a whole lot of stories and OCs in your head?
Hello everyone, if there is "anyone" that missed me.
I've been away  for about 2 months now, mostly because of studies 
I'm mostly active on Instagram because it's easier for me to upload my art there, for some reason I cant use the DA app on my phone, which is my main source of everything art for me but I'll try to download it again and I'll try my best to be active on DA too. 
p.s here a link to my Instagram page for whoever might be interestedHeart…


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I would like to change my user name to my Instagram name to prevent mix ups
but it gotta be a core memebr to do so

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